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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Phood fotos ;)

I have been getting used to being the mommy of two children and it has been quite different than having just one, two or even three toddlers.  Even though babies sleep most of the day, it is only for 1-3 hours at a time (if you are lucky!) I have been too busy to keep up with posting.  I have several drafts to finish.. one for Chicken Adobo and my Greek pal got a recipe for mousaka from her aunt for me!

Well, I just wanted to leave a quick post from our recent newborn photoshoot by our awesome family-friend-photographer who happens to love spam as much, if not more, as we do!  This is the breakfast we had the morning she drove over.. Thanks, Cyn!  We love you!!!

Basted eggs with bacon and spam

She was very pleased!

eggs benedict and a slice of bacon

Here are a few more photos from that morning.. We HIGHLY recommend

So, I typed this early this morning and never hit "PUBLISH POST"  ... I tell ya! lol

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Cleverly Changing said...

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