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Friday, January 20, 2012


First off.. I don't think my coffee tastes as good with the actual serving amount "1 tablespoon" haha but I will share this..
I looked on my phone for a calorie counter from the market, downloaded it and signed up. When I got the activation email, the website is *http://www.fatsecret.com/* .. I also just did my bmi http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ and I am O (having a hard time typing this) B E S E ! UGH.. so last year (haha), I WAS doing great, people were noticing my efforts and then the holidays hit.. some deep sadness, lots of stress, and much good times in between (and lots of yummy foods)..Well, I am starting again. I started keeping track of my meals and let me just tell you about breakfast these past three days
WED 1/18 Cals (calories) 647
THU 1/19 415
FRI 1/20 251
That is just breakfast!  
Wish me luck!!  Time to get fit!!
Here are my motivation shots:
Around 10 years ago!
This past week! ACK!
 Now on to some GOODNESS..

I am very excited to particpate with this.. I try to do this anyway, everyday. But these are some neat ideas to try that we may not have thought of like Kindness Challenge #1: Saying Thank-You 
This is directly from the Toddler Approved blog (there is also a link to another favorite of ours, Teach Preschool)
This week's challenge: Make 5 "Thank You" cards and give them to people you've never thought to thank before . . .

 . . . like your mail carrier, the men and women at your local fire/police station, a soldier, your favorite story time librarian, the teller at the bank who always gives your child a lollipop, etc..

 I created this simple stippling template to make our "Thanks" notes (as seen above), and the kids had fun filling in the dots using an eraser tip/q-tip dipped in paint.

Deborah from Teach Preschool also has a great post on making Thank You cards using your child's artwork (pictured below).

Who will you thank?  Do you have any fun ideas for making and writing thank you notes?

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